Civics and Education – Second in a series

As promised in last week’s introduction, this week I will expand on the four key areas outlined by the California Department of Education for schools and students to incorporate in grades K-12 civics education:

  • Curriculum, Instructional Practices, and Resources
    • Revise the California History-Social Science Content Standards and accompanying curriculum frameworks to incorporate an increased emphasis on civic learning, starting in kindergarten
    • Recognize students, teachers, principals, schools and districts that show exemplary outcomes in civic learning
    • Develop an articulated sequence of instruction for civic learning across all of K-12 for all students
  • Professional Learning
    • Improve professional learning experiences for teachers and administrators, and provide access to existing professional learning experiences in civics to help them implement civic learning in schools
    • Connect professional learning in civics to Common Core State Standards professional learning
  • Community and Business Partnerships
    • Work with community stakeholders to identify what they can do
    • Support sustained engagement by establishing a mechanism that connects teachers and students and the community
  • Student Assessment and School Accountability
    • Link instruction to formative assessments and outcomes, so that teachers can use real-time data to guide instruction
    • Include civic learning in state assessment and accountability systems for students, schools and districts
    • Develop a best-practices clearinghouse to support effective civic learning

The blueprint gives further details and I encourage you to click on the link and read more. Furthermore, the task force asserts that, “For all students in California to have access to continuum of civic learning experiences starting in kindergarten—and to effectively respond to equity issues—we must embed robust civic learning throughout the K-12 experience, both within and beyond school walls.” Stay tuned next week for details on implementation with “6 Proven Practices.”

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