Civics and Education – Last in a series: A call to action

While our State Department of Education and our School Districts are working to incorporate the recommendations from the Task Force, we should not just sit idly by. The following suggestions came from hundreds of people like us who participated in the Task Force’s regional meetings.

Schools Can:

  • Support and reward teachers who take the lead on civic learning.
  • Invite public officials and other local leaders to come speak to students in school.
  • Link content standards to current events and connect what students learn to things that matter to them.
  • Take students to visit local government and courts while in session, encourage attending public meetings
  • Give students leadership opportunities in mock trials and other civic learning projects.
  • Encourage informed, respectful discussion and debate among all students, and work to ensure participation by all students.

Families Can:

  • Talk to their children about what they are learning in civics – relate it to current events
  • Vote, if eligible, and take their child with them.
  • Attend public meetings and tell their children about what happens there.
  • Advocate for civic learning in schools.

Students Can:

  • Get involved in school government and write an opinion piece for the school newspaper about a topic they care about.
  • Volunteer for a political campaign, community organization or public agency.
  • Do an internship or service-learning project and write or blog about it.
  • Attend public meetings (school board or city council) and encourage other students to attend

“With your help we can elevate civic learning and invigorate a vibrant civic culture in California, for our children and all Californians.” — Hon. Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye

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