Funding Conundrums…how does CA compare?

According to 2013 nationwide data, the average primary and secondary schools spend about $9,263 per student per year. However, current estimates still show a ~$975 difference (lower) between CA spending on education and the national average. This might seem odd considering California has an economic tax base, 15% larger than average per household, and levies state and local taxes at a rate 7% higher than average. According to Ed100 There are some contributing factors to this imbalance:PUSD-ADA


  • Youthfulness –there more students per taxpayer than most states
  • Priorities – If California had matched that average spending “effort” it would have invested about $12,000 per student — nearly $3,000 more than its actual expenditures, recession,
  • Complexity– the CAS system is so complicated with a history of propositions that it’s difficult for the average citizen to understand so they don’t know how to begin asking questions.


While this information helps us understand why our high quality primary education programs need supplemental community support, it may not be the full story. Looking at data from Education Data Partnership, PUSD has a per student revenue of $8,028, on average $1000 less per student than other similar unified districts in CA. In next week’s article, I hope to explore how this difference affects our school’s funding.

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