Funding Conundrums…PUSD Budget?

In last week’s article, I hinted that I would present where the ~$1000 (all values in this article are per student) difference between PUSD and other CA schools comes from. I was hoping to get some direct information from the district; I am still waiting on that. In the meantime take a look at the table below:


PUSD receives funds below average in nearly every category of funding. Compared to other Unified School Districts in CA. Specifically our Federal dollars are 41% of the statewide average and we get about $800 less from our LCFF sources. Digging deeper, that LCFF difference substantially comes from State Aid, despite the significant “over average” contributions from Property Tax. So, it seems that while we do put in more than our “fair share” through property taxes, we, as a Unified School District, are well off enough to not receive as much aid as other USDs. Even with the anticipated small changes to our local funding mentioned in previous articles, we still rely heavily on our PTA and Foundation to support the high level of enriched academic education we have come to expect. Frankly, that seems like a good problem to me.

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