What do you know about PUSD? – Curriculum

One of the primary areas of over site for the Board of Education is curriculum. There are many federal, state policies and county policies in place to guide our curriculum offerings and support differentiated learning to meet the educational needs of all of our students.

In the fourth video in my series, What do you know about PUSD?-Curriculum, I provide a high level overview of PUSD curriculum. School district policy clearly states that, “Development and implementation of a standard-based District course of study shall be considered a top priority of the District and an ongoing process which is part of the routine operations of the District.” The policy continues to articulate that, “All teachers shall follow the prescribed course of study as adopted by the Board of Education and shall meet any additional requirements that the Board may indicate.”

It is important for the Board to take this responsibility very seriously and balance resource management with the educational needs of our students.

Watch the video and learn more!
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