Dr. Darshana Patel Endorsed by Key PUSD Stakeholders

Dr. Darshana Patel, candidate for Poway Unified School District Board of Education, has earned the endorsement of three key organizations representing members of the PUSD Community: Coalition for Effective School Board Leadership, Poway Federation of Teachers and Poway School Employees Association.

On August 24th, the Coalition for Effective School Board Leadership endorsed Dr. Patel.cesbl_logo Of the nine candidates in the race, eight candidates vied for this endorsement and only two met the 6 criteria: integrity, focus on students, understand complexity of public education regulation, consensus building, understand school board governance and advocate for fiscal responsibility. The Coalition is comprised of well-respected educators, community members and business leaders across the entire PUSD area.

On September 12th, The Poway Federation of Teachers announced endorsement of Dr. pft-logoPatel. All nine candidates were considered and only two were endorsed. The PFT endorsement process was rigorous, with a questionnaire, board interview and member open question session. In their endorsement, PFT cited three qualities that stood out with Dr. Patel: she will put students first, support teachers and work collaboratively with all stakeholders.

On September 19th, The Poway School Employees Association unanimously voted to pseaendorse Dr. Patel. The PSEA organization also had an open endorsement process with questionnaires offered to all candidates. While a few candidates were interviewed, only two were endorsed, and Dr. Patel was one. Dr. Patel is committed to advocating for respectful dialog with employee groups since all staff can impact the quality of education PUSD offers.

Dr. Patel has earned other significant endorsements as well – for a complete list, please visit her endorsements page (https://patel4pusd.wordpress.com/supporters/)


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