Westview HS Paper Endorses only Patel in the PUSD Board of Education Race

Last week, the WVHS Nexus published responses by all nine PUSD Board of Education candidates to several questions posed by Chief Editor Brandon Victor. Topics covered allocating funds, improving student learning, healing internal divisions, and why should we vote for you. I got a copy of the paper and was impressed with the layout, writing and broad range of student-focused topics covered.

In the same edition, the editorial staff decided to announce their endorsement in the PUSD Board of Education election.

“The Nexus Editorial Board originally anticipated endorsing two candidates for the two available seats, but a majority opinion could not be reached n both members. That being said, a unanimous vote was reached in support of one candidate: Darshana Patel.”

WVNexusEndorsement.jpgThis endorsement was unexpected and sincerely appreciated since my top priority is in high-quality education for our children and I value youth civic engagement. Read the full article here.

I humbly accept this endorsement and look forward to the opportunity to serve our entire community as a PUSD School Board Trustee.

Elect Darshana Patel – Qualified, Dedicated, Trusted, Endorsed.

patel4pusd | @patel4pusd


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